Biona Organic AmaranthOne of the oldest cultivated plants, amaranth was part of the staple diet of t..
BARLEY GRAIN (Essential) 500g
Essential Organic Barley Grain.Originating in the East, Barley Grain was a main staple crop - and th..
BUCKWHEAT - RAW (Suma) 500g
Unroasted, Organic Buckwheat.The distinctive, musky flavour of buckwheat works well in stuffings, pi..
BULGUR (Essential) 500g
Essential Organic BulgarA long-standing form of cracked whole-wheat. It has an excellent taste and i..
Organic Dried Butter Beans from Suma.Ingredients:Organic butter beansAllergy Information:The followi..
CHICK PEAS - DRIED (Essential) 500g
Organic Chickpeas or GarbanzosThese are much used in Indian & Middle Eastern dishes. When ground..
COUS COUS ORGANIC (Essential) 500g
Essential Organic Cous Cous (from wheat).Steamed, dried & cracked grains of durum wheat. Instruc..
LENTILS - BROWN (Essential) 500g
Essential Organic Brown LentilsThese are great for soups, stews, curries and salads.Cooking Informat..
Organic Dark Speckled LentilsThese are basically the same as the Puy lentil variety but, like Champa..
LENTILS - GREEN (Essential) 500g
Essential Organic Green Lentils Lentils were one of the first cultivated crops. From the 'Laird..
LENTILS - RED (Essential) 500g
Essential Organic Red Split Lentils. Lentils were one of the first cultivated crops, originating fro..
MILLET GRAIN (Essential) 500g
Essential Organic Millet Native to Asia, it is the smallest of the grains. Naturally gluten free, th..
MOROCCAN COUS COUS (Essential) 500g
Organic Moroccan Cous Cous from Essential TradingWholemeal cous cous is delicately flavoured with mi..
MUNG BEANS (Essential) 500g
Essential Organic Mung BeansAlso known as green/ golden gram, originating from India. Cooked, their ..
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