CAERFFILI (Caws) 200g
Traditional Welsh Caerffili Champion Cheese at the Royal Welsh 2015, for the 7th Year in SuccessionA..
GREEK FETA (Attis Organic) 200g
Cheese made from fresh pasteurised sheep and goat's milk. Attis Greek feta has Protected Designation..
HARD GOATS CHEESE (Delamere) 150g
This smooth and tasty goats' cheese is matured for between four and six months to give it a pronounc..
MATURE CHEDDAR CHEESE (Lye Cross Farm) 245gm
Organic Mature Cheddar CheeseThis hand-crafted organic cheddar is carefully matured for a full flavo..
MILD CHEDDAR (Lye Cross) 245g
Organic Mild Cheddar CheeseHandcrafted organic cheddar, carefully matured for a mellow creamy flavou..
RAW CHEDDAR (Staffordshire Organic)
Organic Raw Mature CheddarThis organic cheddar has a good mature flavour and is made with unpasteuri..
RAW SHEEP'S CHEESE (Staffordshire Organic)
Organic full fat hard cheese made with unpasteurised organic Ewe's milk and vegetarian rennetIngredi..
RED LEICESTER CHEESE (Lye Cross Farm) 245gm
Organic Red Leicester CheeseHandcrafted organic farmhouse cheese, developed for its delicate sweet f..
VEGETARIAN PASTA CHEESE (Twineham Grange) 150g
Vegetarian Hard CheeseA great cheese which is as happy on a cheeseboard as it is grated over your pa..
WENSLEYDALE CHEESE (Lye Cross Farm) 245gm
This delicious organic Wensleydale is a moist cheese with a crumbly texture and a mild and slightly ..
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